ANIMUS (2022) - Digipak-CD


Digipak-CD with color booklet
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“This record represents a huge step up for Moonlight Haze’s songwriting and sound. It got each of us excited since the very first melodies and lines that had been written. It’s an introspective work, but at the same time it looks at the world outside – willing to bring a bright message of vitality and rebirth. Hence the title, ‘Animus’, a Latin word that has different meanings: vital force, conscience, soul, mind and courage as well.”
Chiara Tricarico, frontwoman & lyricist
Recorded by Moonlight Haze and mixed & mastered by Simone Mularoni at the renowned Domination Studio, ‘ANIMUS’ boasts the stunning performance of the vocalist Chiara Tricarico and is graced by the amazing artwork and pictures of Beatrice Demori.

Tracklist is as follows:
1. The Nothing
2. It’s Insane
3. Kintsugi
4. Animus
5. The Thief and the Moon
6. Midnight Haze
7. Tonight
8. Never Say Never
9. We’ll Be Free
10. A Ritual of Fire
11. Horror & Thunder